As an artist I am constantly striving to find new and exciting ways to portray an emotional response to the enviroment I live in. 


Combining techniques and art mediums allows me to explore and develop


My most recent works will be displayed on this page with a brief discription of the methods used. 

Enquiries can be made on my contact page.

Marilyn Barrington image 1. for Spotligh

Tail of Two Cockies  encaustic painting on ply 93cm x 94cm   $2900.

Is based on A Dreamtime Story.

In the Dreaming Ngo-lak the white tailed Carnaby's Cockatoo was defending Dwert -Dingo who was attacking Djiti -Willie Wagtail. Mulal - the Swamp hen took a reed and struck Ngo-lak across the back who spread his tail in defence. Mulal threw red sap from the reed at Ngo-lak's tail staining it red.  Ngo-lak became so hoarse from screaming his cry "karrak" instead of Carnaby's call "wola" then he became Karrak- The Red-tailed Cockatoo.


I have used the medium encaustic wax to paint with and ink paint and pastel to work this dreamlike interpretation. the veil of textural both tactile & visual give movement to the painting.   This work was on display in my gallery during the Southern Art & Craft Trail in the Southwest of W.A. and received many good reviews.  It is available by contacting me email


MILAPAKULA the Cockatoo Woman  encaustic multi-media 30.5cm x 30.5cm  $300.

Transforming encaustic multi media on pl

TRANSFORMING  encaustic multi-media  21cm x 21cm               $250.

Blameless encaustic multi media on ply $

CALLING THE SPIRIT PEOPLE encaustic multi-media  80cm x 48cm          $950.

Destructive Pair encaustic multi media o

DESTRUCTIVE PAIR  encaustic multi-media  34.5cm x 34.5cm                              $360.

BLAMELESS  encaustic multi-media

21.5cm x 21.5cm                        $250.

WHEN THE ASH SETTLES encaustic mutlimedi

WHEN THE ASH SETTLES encaustic on Arches Paper         SOLD

FRAGMENTS AFTER FIRE encaustic,collage,p
artist Marilyn Barrington  EMERGENCE AT


encaustic multi-media 

FRAGMENTS AFTER FIRE  encaustic on board with collage    SOLD

RETURN OF THE MAGPIES I acrylic on canva

RETURN OF THE MAGPIES I  acrylic         $960.

RETURN OF THE MAGPIES II acrylic on canv

RETURN OF THE MAGPIES II acrylic   $480.

EMU CROSSING encaustic multi-media

39cm x 39cm      SOLD 


multi-media   39cm x 39cm    SOLD