As an artist I am constantly striving to find new and exciting ways to portray an emotional response to the enviroment I live in. 


Combining techniques and art mediums allows me to explore and develop


My most recent works will be displayed on this page with a brief discription of the methods used. 

Enquiries can be made on my contact page.

Marilyn Barrington image 1. for Spotligh

Tail of Two Cockies  encaustic painting on ply 93cm x 94cm   $2900.

Is based on A Dreamtime Story.

In the Dreaming Ngo-lak the white tailed Carnaby's Cockatoo was defending Dwert -Dingo who was attacking Djiti -Willie Wagtail. Mulal - the Swamp hen took a reed and struck Ngo-lak across the back who spread his tail in defence. Mulal threw red sap from the reed at Ngo-lak's tail staining it red.  Ngo-lak became so hoarse from screaming his cry "karrak" instead of Carnaby's call "wola" then he became Karrak- The Red-tailed Cockatoo.


I have used the medium encaustic wax to paint with and ink paint and pastel to work this dreamlike interpretation. the veil of textural both tactile & visual give movement to the painting.   This work was on display in my gallery during the Southern Art & Craft Trail in the Southwest of W.A. and received many good reviews.  It is available by contacting me email

Transforming encaustic multi media on pl
Blameless encaustic multi media on ply $
Destructive Pair encaustic multi media o
Cockatoo Female encaustic multi media on
Cockatoo Male encaustic multi media on p
RETURN OF THE MAGPIES I acrylic on canva
RETURN OF THE MAGPIES II acrylic on canv
Just Curious encaustic multi media on pl