Art has taken me on a journey of discovery  creating, exploring, teaching and participating in Group and Solo Exhibitions.

Nature and the rugged beauty of the Australian Landscape, Flora and Fauna

are my inspiration always striving to capture a moment in time.

My goal is to achieve an emotional connection between art and the viewer.

THE ART GALLERY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA purchased my porcelain artform

ESCAPE I  in 1984 which is now in their permanent craft collection.

I have included a copy of a publication on this site.

I have been a member of the West Australian Guild of China Painters Inc.

for many years a review of my works can be seen on their website

http// gallery.htm

I am taking a new journey in my art exploring the 

medium of encaustic  (beeswax & damar resin) with

combination of previous art mediums to bring on a

unique style of art. Many layers and textures create

paintings or sculptural forms. The journey has only 

just started where will it end. 

I do hope you enjoy viewing the examples of my art .


Marilyn Barrington


Published article in   AUSTRALIAN PORCELAIN DECORATOR        No. 17     September 1985

Artform multi media & china painted purchased by the Art Gallery of W.A.
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